Need to organize a business conference, celebrate family celebration, prepare an unforgettable event? DECA is the place.

The restaurant's main aria, designed by leading architects in Israel, Irena Kronenberg and Alon Baranovitz, is breathtakingly.

Elegant and beautiful. The two elegant private rooms that were crowned as the most beautiful private rooms in Israel which are located both on a separate floor overlooking the happening in the complex below, and on the restaurant's floor. the Mediterranean- And inviting atmosphere, creates an unforgettable experience.


Events You can celebrate in the spectacular central space for up to 150 guests, or in the two private rooms for 30 or 50 guests.DECA The kosher chef's restaurant proves time after time that kosher food can be high quality, creative and most importantly: delicious.The restaurant provides a multimedia and audio system equipment, projection and amplification and manages events adjacent to the production and an events manager to produce and accompany the event.


For more information about events at Deca: Sapir - 050-8330652


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